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A Syrian Nun’s Cry for Help

The city of Maalula in Syria is under assault by the insane religious wackos the US government is supporting in Syria. Maalula is a very special city whose residents still speak Aramaic. For those of you who hate Muslims, you’ll … Continue reading

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Kerry’s Choice: The Document

This pic is by Skulz the great. A unique source to the Searching for al-Khidr blog called “Edward’s Ghost” has supplied us with the ORIGINAL four-page document that Israeli Suckretary of State for American Affairs, John Fucking Kerry, relied on during his … Continue reading

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Coming Soon to An Interrogation Near You

Something is very wrong here.  And for the sake of argument, let’s accept that Todashev was involved in the murder of those three people.  What kind of police work is this? You have FBI dudes, State Police dudes, and local … Continue reading

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Academic Bullshit

Where the rubber meets the air in academia: “The fight in Syria is an extension of the fight for freedom regionally and worldwide.  It cannot be divorced from the struggles of the Bahrainis, Egyptians, Tunisians, Libyans, Yemenis, and other peoples who have revolted … Continue reading

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