US Syrian Policy: Making Sykes-Picot Look Good

Looks like we are much more likely to find al-Khidr before we find any truth in the Washington Post about Syria.

Okay, let’s look at the latest Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post (JEWNYPT) article on Syria and chemical weapons.  It is a lesson in propaganda techniques.

The headline is:

Kerry: Obama determined to hold Syria accountable for using chemical weapons

The article then goes on to provide absolutely no evidence whatsoever that the Syrian government used chemical weapons. In fact the article warns its readers that the UN team on the ground won’t be able to find a “smoking gun” but who gives a shit. It’s time to launch a 48 hours cruise missile attack on Syria anyway.

Deputy Israeli Secretary of State for American Affairs John F. Kerry (that name kind of has a ring similar to John F. Kennedy, no doubt not a coincidence) is quoted at the very start of the article saying that Syria’s use of chemical weapons is “undeniable” and “this international norm cannot be violated without consequences.”

Excuse me for a minute. This past week or ten days or so the Egyptian government killed about 1000 people.  This behavior is somehow better than the (unproven) allegation that Syria killed one third that many with some sort of chemical weapon? How is that?  But I digress.

But then Kerry goes on to provide no evidence whatsoever that Syria did anything.  Kerry claims that Syria made “a cynical attempt to cover up” this attack by shelling the area of the attack continuously – this would of course also be easily explained by Syria’s wanting to get rid of the al-Qa’ida assholes who probably were the perps.

Since there is no evidence, an unnamed European diplomat is then quoted saying that hell, it’s been six days, there won’t be much evidence left. “We have to be realistic about how compelling [the UN] evidence will be.” Bullshit. What he means is that we don’t give a shit what the UN says, we want to attack Syria and we are going to.

Kerry is then quoted yet again about what an outrage this is and how the “the civilized world” decreed long ago that these weapons should never be used at all.  Great. But he yet again missed a chance to offer evidence.

He then says he re-watched the youtube videos so many have seen which proof nothing since they are from the “aftermath” of whatever happened.

JEWNYPT, after failing to get once piece of evidence from Kerry then turns to two absolute Zionist shills, both Mooooselims of course, Adam Schiff (Likud, CA) and Eliott Engel (Shas, NY) who both support military action, Engel strongly so, Schiff kind of feelilng dragged along.

But it gets better.  Sen. Bob Corker (Fucking Crazy, TN) then tells us how cool it would be to have a “surgical” strike.

You know it’s over when they talk about surgical strikes. That’s code for all out mass murder.

As an aside, enjoy this letter Corker wrote to the Israeli Vice President for American Affairs (IVPFAA) telling him to “stop bullying Israel.”  What a joke this guy is. (Update: Misread the “to” lines on the letter. It was to Corker and Obama and someone else by a reader of the paper. For Corker’s pro-israel positions you can go here to his website.)

Then the article picks up on a theme it starts fairly early on in which it outlines US cruise missile attacks as virtually a fait accompli – sounds like the article is just telling us what the upcoming plan is.

At the very end we get the omnipresent Anthony Cordesman who plays down the effectiveness of cruise attacks.

So here’s JEWNYTP featuring its lead article with war mongering statements from Kerry, from three Zionists in congress, and an unnamed European diplomat.  It offers zero evidence to support the claims made or implied by these creatures, gives away what it has clearly been told by government sources about the kind of attack they’d like to start off with and then shows how fair and balanced it is by quoting Cordesman and his ilk to the effect that cruise missiles aren’t a sufficient response.

Let me reiterate: You lead with a declaration stated as fact that Syria used chemical weapons. You quote 4 other people who support that declaration and you outline a US military response.  Most readers are now convinced that the declaration is true even though no evidence is offered. You then quote someone who has very mild opposition to the tone and content of the first 90% of the article but who seems to agree with the original declaration which has no basis in fact.

This is what passes for news analysis in the US.

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Axis of Assholes


AssholeDon’t ya just love that shit-eating grin?

Have been wanting to write a bit about Egypt, but now I don’t have to. A few days ago, Xymphora sized up the Egypt situation perfectly.

“I’ve been thinking about the plight of the Muslim Brotherhood, a sitting duck for attacks by the Egyptian dictatorship.  Yet it, and groups to the religious right of it, have overwhelming political support in Egypt (despite the Tamarod’s – and btw, isn’t this weird? – propaganda and trickery).  If they called a general strike, they could shut down the Egyptian economy immediately and cause massive losses for the Egyptian/international 1% for which the Egyptian dictators work.  The MB regards itself as a conservative movement also tied to the 1%, and therefore won’t/can’t do the only thing that can save itself.”

That’s about right. The rich in Egypt run everything (just like everywhere else) and the Muslim Brotherhood is run by very rich conservatives like Khairat al-Shater.  The Egyptian people are completely and utterly screwed.

And of course the Syrian people are completely and utterly screwed.  Now they are getting gassed by the right wing religious nut wackos supported by Saudi Arabia, Israel and the US (the Axis of Assholes) so that their country could then be invaded by western powers who want to blame the (shitty) Syrian government.

In the treason department, let’s see what the National Jewish Democratic Council is up to. I used to love making fun of those Israel-firsters masquerading as representatives of the American people.

Looks lke the NJDC now sells treason buttons. Make sure to get yours.


Last but not least, I have a question for you. How long will it be before Filner returns to politics?  I figure after about 12 months.

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Support King Tut

Pic 1


After Prologue








With that, ladies and gentlemen, the latest edition of Searching for al-Khidr draws to a close. In the old days we’d post the latest Haifa Wehbe video, but due to time constraints we can’t do that on this blog very much. However, if you go to the Ugly Truth donation site on Paypal and contribute a few bucks, maybe King Tut will be able to convince us to add a few cool vids in the future.

Money talks ladies and gentlemen, Zionist Bullshit walks.

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Will Woody Johnson Defend His Player?






Support the El-Bireh Society by going here and buying their stuff.

So the flaming asshole Jonathan Mael (allegedly formerly an intern at AIPAC) really fucks up in incredible fashion on twitter.   Note his twitter feeds are “protected”. Wonder when that started.



Funny how the attackers are named Mael, Waksman and Kaufman.

Kaufman is of course a monster and should never be quoted by anyone except Shas Party members. He has even been linked to terrorism.  Note to Shas Party members, red highlighting is mine.

The great irony is that while Kaufman accuses just about anything Muslim to terrorism using baseless fantasies, he himself was investigated for terrorist ties to the terror organization Kach/Kahane Chai. In 2003 he was exposed (Source: Radical Watch) for promoting violence and terror by providing intellectual support by promoting Kach and Kahane on his website, since being exposed the website, once used for his own failed FL house rep campaign, was shut down. According to the U.S. Department of State, Kahane Chai and Kach are known terrorist organizations and are banned in the United States.

Waksman’s piece has been preserved here. Yahoo took it down. This guy adds whole new dimensions to hutzpah.  Zionist-bullshit hutzpah.

Oh, and let’s not let that witch Debbie Schlussel of the hook. What a piece of work she is.

However, Aboushi has been absolved from sin by Abe “Jesus” Foxman.  So I guess he’ll be alright.  And of course now Aboushi knows that if he ever dares utter one word that the lobby doesn’t like, he’s fucked.

Too bad that the Israeli-ass-kissing owner of the Jets hasn’t spoken up for him. He has probably been too busy raising money for anti-Palestinian racists like Mitt Romney. (Note that Woody was even in attendance at the event below.)

So it seems to me that Aboushi should be welcomed as a hero and Johnson be run out of town for being a bigoted asshole.

Oh, and they tried smearing Aboushi’s family.

Johnson’s family has issues too.


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Faces of Global Terrorism


Please print this graphic and put it on the busses in your local public bus system. And thanks to Skulz for his poster-correction skills.

Ray Kelly? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. It’s like they are just laughing their asses off at us.

How about Daniel Pipes? Pam Geller? Martin Indick, Alan Derwoshitz, or Abe Foxman?

Israeli Senator Charles Schumer (Yesh Atid, New York) wants Ray Kelly to replace Janet Neoconpolitica or whatever her name is. Figures. She’s now going to run the California college system. You can’t make this shit up.

So we’ve all read about the NYPD’s idiotic, bigoted and just plain evil violation of the rights of Muslims, but there is a silver lining. They seem to have captured an 18 year old Muslim convert who suffers from autism.

“Acquaintances, including the imam at a Long Island mosque he frequently attended, have described the young man as emotionally immature and a child of divorce who seemed in need of psychiatric counseling.

According to court papers, Kaliebe told an undercover operative pretending to be a confidant, “There is no way out for me. … The only way out is martyrdom.”

Now if Americans actually gave a shit about what they pretend to give a shit about, they would be up in arms about this. But since Americans are just Zionist-Bullshit-fed Zombies they won’t give a fuck.

Oh, and read this from the same article – especially you converts to Islam you bad boys.

“The NYPD has long had an interest in converts to Islam as part of its efforts to prevent terrorists attacks, saying in a 2007 report that they are “particularly vulnerable” to radicalization and “have played a prominent role in the majority of terrorist case studies and tend to be the most zealous members of groups.”

Zimmerman got off. Not surprised. Wonder how many of the six jurors (who remain anonymous) are tribe members?

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Zionist Area C Belongs to the Jewish State

Here is Area C accorking to Wikitalmudia:

“Area C (full Israeli civil and security control, except over Palestinian civilians): circa 72% (first phase, 1995).[1][2] In 2011: 61%.[3][4] These areas include all Israeli settlements (cities, towns, and villages), nearby land, most roadways that connected the settlements (and which are exclusively for Israeli use) as well as strategic areas described as “security zones.”[3] There were 1,000 Israeli settlers living in Area C in 1972. By 1993, their population had increased to 110,000. As of 2012 they numbered more than 300,000 – as against 150,000 Palestinians, the majority of whom are Bedouin and fellahin.[5]”

Now here is Area C according to the which thinks that Area C is already supposed to be given to the Jewish State (JS). Obviously the is not entirely correct. Areas A and B will also go to the JS.

Note to Shas Party members, red highlight is mine.

“The new Palestinian city of Rawabi, six miles north of Ramallah, is already an established fact. But the most important goal of the PA is to establish an Arab presence in the areas supposedly belonging to the Jewish State – otherwise known as Area C.”

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Asshole Transplant

Whose organs?

“The organs allegedly were removed both in Israel and Costa Rica, but Israeli hospitals strictly control organ transplants.”

Maybe if Eric Cantor needs an  asshole transplant he can get one through the Israeli donor networks.



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