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A Syrian Nun’s Cry for Help

The city of Maalula in Syria is under assault by the insane religious wackos the US government is supporting in Syria. Maalula is a very special city whose residents still speak Aramaic. For those of you who hate Muslims, you’ll … Continue reading

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Support King Tut

With that, ladies and gentlemen, the latest edition of Searching for al-Khidr draws to a close. In the old days we’d post the latest Haifa Wehbe video, but due to time constraints we can’t do that on this blog very … Continue reading

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O’Malley Supports Israeli Apartheid (Just Like Everybody Else)

“O’Malley says I’m in “the peace cage”. Remember the Octopus? (If you don’t look it up.) Well Maryland governor Martin O’Malley clearly doesn’t. He’s making deals with Israel regarding “cyber security”. You’ve got to be fucking kidding. Oh, and maybe … Continue reading

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Terrorist Bombings, Racist Rabbis and the Meaning of the “Jewish State”

“I can see so much Zionist Bullshit from here.” Can you imagine what would happen if a motorcyclist placed a bomb on the car of an Israeli nuclear scientist and it subsequently blew up and killed him.  Israel would be … Continue reading

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Academic Bullshit

Where the rubber meets the air in academia: “The fight in Syria is an extension of the fight for freedom regionally and worldwide.  It cannot be divorced from the struggles of the Bahrainis, Egyptians, Tunisians, Libyans, Yemenis, and other peoples who have revolted … Continue reading

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