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Kerry’s Choice: The Document

This pic is by Skulz the great. A unique source to the Searching for al-Khidr blog called “Edward’s Ghost” has supplied us with the ORIGINAL four-page document that Israeli Suckretary of State for American Affairs, John Fucking Kerry, relied on during his … Continue reading

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Axis of Assholes

  Don’t ya just love that shit-eating grin? Have been wanting to write a bit about Egypt, but now I don’t have to. A few days ago, Xymphora sized up the Egypt situation perfectly. “I’ve been thinking about the plight … Continue reading

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Asshole Transplant

Whose organs? “The organs allegedly were removed both in Israel and Costa Rica, but Israeli hospitals strictly control organ transplants.” Maybe if Eric Cantor needs an  asshole transplant he can get one through the Israeli donor networks.    

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Turnips Fertilized With Zionist Bullshit

Get ready for a another surge in Israeli murders of Palestinians. Keep up this shit and some people might start thinking that American Jews care more about Israel than anything else. I know that would be hard to imagine, … Continue reading

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Eretz Congress

” “I’m a piece of Zionist war-mongering shit.” (Wow. We here at Searching for al-Khidr couldn’t have said it better ourselves, but we digress.) My search for al-Khidr hasn’t been going so well lately. Like truth in the M$M, he’s … Continue reading

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