Zionists Supporting al-Qa’ida

It must be nice to be part of the AIPAC-run establishment.  William McCants is up to his old tricks again.  I cannot even begin to describe my loathing for some of what he’s done. This self-centered bullshit artist last made the news when he irresponsibly tweeted that a new (and never heard of) Muslim terrorist group had claimed responsibility for the Breivik murders.  What had in fact happened was that McCants, trying to be cool, logged into a terrorist-supported website and read an Arabic post that he completely misunderstood and then made his tweet so he could get a scoop.  This got picked up by the major media and all of the sudden Muslims were getting the blame for the murderous acts of a crazed white man – a white man with considerable support among a certain segment of crazed white people.

Now he is writing with a fellow Saban Center dude calling for the US to support al-Qa’ida-loving terrorists in Syria.  That’s because that is what Israel wants.  The third author of this ridiculous article is formerly of the FBI.  What a trio we have here.

Let’s remember Haim Saban’s most important quote:  “I’m a one-issue guy and my issue is Israel.”

Here is SourceWatch’s page on Haim Saban.

Here is SourceWatch’s page on the Saban Center, currently run by Martin Indyk.

The article reads like it was written by Elizabeth O’Bagy, the fraud.

For example:

“For example, an exclusive focus on al Qaeda in Syria could leave Iran relatively better off, which could be equally detrimental to the long-term interests of the United States.”

Yes indeed, leaving Iran better off is against the interests of the United States.  What utter Zionist Bullshit.


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