A Bag(y) of Bullshit

Under the “What is the rest of the story?” department:

Okay, Think Progress does what the main stream press should have already done and got some background on the fraud that is Elizabeth O’bagy. There are some glaring holes in their report.

For example:

“After ISW hired her in the late summer of 2012, O’Bagy quickly went about using her top-notch Arabic skills to feel out the situation on the ground in Syria. She made a number of contacts among the anti-Assad insurgents, a feat relatively few DC analysts had accomplished.”

Excuse me. “Top notch Arabic skills.?”  Really, from the MAAS program at (highly over-rated) Georgetown? Right. Here are their requirements to graduate and their Arabic skills are very seldom “top-notch.”  But hell, let’s grant her that just for now.

Her Arabic allowed her to contact “anti-Assad insurgents”?  Really? Not her neocon contacts?  Come on investigative journalists, just how does a 26 year-old  know-nothing get involved with terrorist groups and travel freely back and forth to Syria without even getting arrested. Remember, too that she opposed putting al-Nusra on the terrorist list.

“I’m not saying they [al-Nusra] aren’t a terrorist group. But given the circumstances and given their cooperation with the opposition as a whole, designating them now would be disastrous,”


““The point that I was trying to make in terms of al-Nusra being designated a terrorist organization was that at the time they had been embraced to a large degree by certain aspects of the population and they were very much seen as fighting for the cause,” she said. “I knew that designating them as a terrorist organization would have a very radicalizing impact on the ground. I wasn’t sure if that trend could be reversed. I was terrified that this could be an irreversible process of radicalization.”

So this little twerp defends al-Nusra, travels back and forth to Syria probably more than once, causes such a ruckus that at least one person even wrote to the Angry Arab asking what the hell was going on with her, and nobody knows how she did this?  I suggest it’s time to find out.

Think Progress exonerates the neo-con ISW.

“Though we know those trips took place, it’s not quite clear who funded them. It certainly wasn’t ISW: when I asked Kagan how O’Bagy made all her Syrian friends, she sounded stumped. “That’s a really good question. I’m afraid I can’t really tell you that,” the ISW President said, acknowledging that O’Bagy’s expertise wasn’t gathered through ISW projects or ISW-funded trips. “She kept me informed about [her opposition contacts] and apprised me that they existed.”

And I love how neocon ISW president Kimberly Kagan never checked out “O’Bagy’s credentials. How convenient.

So all you all investigative reporter dudes, it might be very revealing to find out just who was behind her trips to Syria and it might be nice to see if she violated US  laws about supporting terrorism.



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  1. bin dead awhile says:

    Salaam, Hope all is well with you. You think this is bullshit? Have a read of this

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