Axis of Assholes


AssholeDon’t ya just love that shit-eating grin?

Have been wanting to write a bit about Egypt, but now I don’t have to. A few days ago, Xymphora sized up the Egypt situation perfectly.

“I’ve been thinking about the plight of the Muslim Brotherhood, a sitting duck for attacks by the Egyptian dictatorship.  Yet it, and groups to the religious right of it, have overwhelming political support in Egypt (despite the Tamarod’s – and btw, isn’t this weird? – propaganda and trickery).  If they called a general strike, they could shut down the Egyptian economy immediately and cause massive losses for the Egyptian/international 1% for which the Egyptian dictators work.  The MB regards itself as a conservative movement also tied to the 1%, and therefore won’t/can’t do the only thing that can save itself.”

That’s about right. The rich in Egypt run everything (just like everywhere else) and the Muslim Brotherhood is run by very rich conservatives like Khairat al-Shater.  The Egyptian people are completely and utterly screwed.

And of course the Syrian people are completely and utterly screwed.  Now they are getting gassed by the right wing religious nut wackos supported by Saudi Arabia, Israel and the US (the Axis of Assholes) so that their country could then be invaded by western powers who want to blame the (shitty) Syrian government.

In the treason department, let’s see what the National Jewish Democratic Council is up to. I used to love making fun of those Israel-firsters masquerading as representatives of the American people.

Looks lke the NJDC now sells treason buttons. Make sure to get yours.


Last but not least, I have a question for you. How long will it be before Filner returns to politics?  I figure after about 12 months.

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