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With that, ladies and gentlemen, the latest edition of Searching for al-Khidr draws to a close. In the old days we’d post the latest Haifa Wehbe video, but due to time constraints we can’t do that on this blog very much. However, if you go to the Ugly Truth donation site on Paypal and contribute a few bucks, maybe King Tut will be able to convince us to add a few cool vids in the future.

Money talks ladies and gentlemen, Zionist Bullshit walks.

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3 Responses to Support King Tut

  1. bin dead awhile says:

    salaams and Eid Mubarak, not not related to Hosni, in any way, to Obama. I must tell you I laughed so hard I burped and farted at the same time. My hijabi is shock and awed by my display. What to doooo.

  2. nooralhaqiqa says:

    Thanks for the wonderful laugh. You did it again. Poor Mark just cannot hold a candle to ya. But Jonathan Azaziah can. Ducks…. Mark is tossing his old boot at me for that one.

  3. mantiqaltayr says:


    Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. Not sure when, where or even if my web presence will go, but I always do love giving folks a good laugh. I also think that if Marked linked to my post he’d get some more contributions.

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