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Kerry’s Choice: The Document

This pic is by Skulz the great. A unique source to the Searching for al-Khidr blog called “Edward’s Ghost” has supplied us with the ORIGINAL four-page document that Israeli Suckretary of State for American Affairs, John Fucking Kerry, relied on during his … Continue reading

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US Syrian Policy: Making Sykes-Picot Look Good

Looks like we are much more likely to find al-Khidr before we find any truth in the Washington Post about Syria. Okay, let’s look at the latest Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post (JEWNYPT) article on Syria and chemical weapons.  … Continue reading

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Axis of Assholes

  Don’t ya just love that shit-eating grin? Have been wanting to write a bit about Egypt, but now I don’t have to. A few days ago, Xymphora sized up the Egypt situation perfectly. “I’ve been thinking about the plight … Continue reading

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Support King Tut

With that, ladies and gentlemen, the latest edition of Searching for al-Khidr draws to a close. In the old days we’d post the latest Haifa Wehbe video, but due to time constraints we can’t do that on this blog very … Continue reading

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