Will Woody Johnson Defend His Player?






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So the flaming asshole Jonathan Mael (allegedly formerly an intern at AIPAC) really fucks up in incredible fashion on twitter.   Note his twitter feeds are “protected”. Wonder when that started.



Funny how the attackers are named Mael, Waksman and Kaufman.

Kaufman is of course a monster and should never be quoted by anyone except Shas Party members. He has even been linked to terrorism.  Note to Shas Party members, red highlighting is mine.

The great irony is that while Kaufman accuses just about anything Muslim to terrorism using baseless fantasies, he himself was investigated for terrorist ties to the terror organization Kach/Kahane Chai. In 2003 he was exposed (Source: Radical Watch) for promoting violence and terror by providing intellectual support by promoting Kach and Kahane on his websitehttp://www.joe4rep.com, since being exposed the website, once used for his own failed FL house rep campaign, was shut down. According to the U.S. Department of State, Kahane Chai and Kach are known terrorist organizations and are banned in the United States.

Waksman’s piece has been preserved here. Yahoo took it down. This guy adds whole new dimensions to hutzpah.  Zionist-bullshit hutzpah.


Oh, and let’s not let that witch Debbie Schlussel of the hook. What a piece of work she is.


However, Aboushi has been absolved from sin by Abe “Jesus” Foxman.  So I guess he’ll be alright.  And of course now Aboushi knows that if he ever dares utter one word that the lobby doesn’t like, he’s fucked.


Too bad that the Israeli-ass-kissing owner of the Jets hasn’t spoken up for him. He has probably been too busy raising money for anti-Palestinian racists like Mitt Romney. (Note that Woody was even in attendance at the event below.)


So it seems to me that Aboushi should be welcomed as a hero and Johnson be run out of town for being a bigoted asshole.

Oh, and they tried smearing Aboushi’s family.

Johnson’s family has issues too.



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