Zionist Bullshit.com: Area C Belongs to the Jewish State

Here is Area C accorking to Wikitalmudia:

“Area C (full Israeli civil and security control, except over Palestinian civilians): circa 72% (first phase, 1995).[1][2] In 2011: 61%.[3][4] These areas include all Israeli settlements (cities, towns, and villages), nearby land, most roadways that connected the settlements (and which are exclusively for Israeli use) as well as strategic areas described as “security zones.”[3] There were 1,000 Israeli settlers living in Area C in 1972. By 1993, their population had increased to 110,000. As of 2012 they numbered more than 300,000 – as against 150,000 Palestinians, the majority of whom are Bedouin and fellahin.[5]”

Now here is Area C according to the Jewishpress.com which thinks that Area C is already supposed to be given to the Jewish State (JS). Obviously the Jewishpress.com is not entirely correct. Areas A and B will also go to the JS.

Note to Shas Party members, red highlight is mine.

“The new Palestinian city of Rawabi, six miles north of Ramallah, is already an established fact. But the most important goal of the PA is to establish an Arab presence in the areas supposedly belonging to the Jewish State – otherwise known as Area C.”

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