Mark Glenn Exposed

As you may have heard, Mark Glenn, the host of The Ugly Truth, has been criticized in some circles lately for, well for basically having quite the sun tan. Seems that Mark just isn’t white enough.

Well, we sent the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr out to Bumfuck, Idaho to get the real story about Glenn.  The tuyuur travelled from there to places all over the country interviewing those who know Mark Glenn the most. The results are shocking to say the least.

Please have a seat and make sure you are close to one of your favorite beverages.

The first person the Tuyuur caught up with was one of Marks older children, an extremely well spoken young lady who asked to remain anonymous.  After dodging their questions for about 30 seconds she finally blurted out her true feelings.

“My Dad is really, really cool. He can do almost anything – build a house, live off the land, shoot just about any kind of weapon, cook, repair trains, planes and automobiles and write. He looks funny in a yarmulke, but I digress. He even has Ahmedinjad as a drinking buddy.  He’s also my second favorite blogger. I just wish my Dad had a blog as cool as Mantiq al-Tayr’s.”

We found that just about everyone in the Glenn family (population 666), said pretty much the same thing – especially about the blogging.

The tuyuur then flew to San Antonio, Texas. They did so via Austin making sure that they passed right over Alex Jones’ house.

Anyway, in San Antonio they found Mark Dankof getting ready to do his show on the TUT radio network – a network that is not owned by Robert Kraft, but I digress.

Anyway, Mark, in his booming voice, made his position clear.


Back in the Bronx, the tuyuur circled around Jonathan Azaziah (pronounced “Tillawi”)  Jonathan, as usual utterly unafraid to speak his mind, said to us: “al-salaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullah, inna lillahi winna ilayhi raji’un alhamdu lillah. TUT is good, but Mantiq al-Tayr is way better.” Praise God, rabb al-Alimeen.”

The tuyuur suddenly realized they had made a major geographical error – no they hadn’t said that Tarif Khalidi was born in Jerusalem, Israel since the tuyuur know that the phrase “Jerusalem, Israel” is nothing but a bunch of pure %100 unmitigated Zionist Bullshit, but they did realize that Hesham Tillawi (pronounced “inna lillah inna ilayhi raji’un”) lives in Louisiana, which I just figured out I don’t know how to spell, but I digress. So they got their feathered butts into high gear and flew to Cajun country in order to meet a Palestinian.

Hesham was his usual self. He was getting ready to do his famous TV show, Current Issues, and his guest that night was, I think, Mark Glenn’s favorite drinking buddy.  Anyway, Hesham was gracious enough to give the tuyuur a few minutes of his time before the show and after having just led the maghreb prayer in front of 75,000 worshippers in Lafayette – having personally brought Shakira law to the city.

“I’ve known Mark Glenn for years. Thanks to him, and I really do owe him a lot, I’m now on ADL’s hate list. The fact is, TUT is an excellent website and the hosts there are great. TUT is almost as much fun to read as Mantiq al-Tayr.”

Finally the tuyuur ended up in Washington, Israel. There on Knesset Hill they found Mike Piper leading a demonstration in front of the Holocaust Museum.  First they asked Mike about his latest book (as of 8:00 that morning) “Confessions of Guy Who Thinks That Too Many People in the Patriot Movement are A Bunch of Assholes” and Mike not only discussed the book at length with them he even autographed their copies.

But then they got down to business. “What do you think of Mark Glenn?”  Mike paused for a moment, smiled, and then in his throaty voice came out with his answer. Oh wait, before he did that he told them a joke. “Why was Hitler afraid of going to hell?” The tuyuur moved their beaks back and forth as if to say “we’re clueless”.  “Because he knew there’d be six million jews there waiting for him.”  Ahem. “Just answer the question Mike.”

“Okay. I probably know Mark better than anyone. I speak with him on the phone at least 10 times a day. Did you know that he’s Ahmedinejad’s drinking buddy?”  “Uh, yes, we’ve heard that.”

“Anyway, Mark is  one of the most well-informed, active, well-meaning members of the Patriot movement I’ve ever met. I’ve learned more from him than anyone else. I just wish the TUT site was as good as Mantiq al-Tayr’s. There, I said it. Ye shall know the truth.”

“Hey, that’s a good plug for your latest book.”

“Yeah, I just thought I’d get that in.”

“Thanks Mike.”  And with that the Tuyuur went off to the ADL to get more dirt on Mark Glenn.  The ADL informed us that:

“Even Shas Party members know that Mark Glenn maintains an anti-Semitic conspiracy-oriented blog called “The Ugly Truth,” and runs an internet radio show on which he features numerous anti-Semitic hosts and guests. In a March 2012 Press TV appearance, Glenn compared the situation of the Palestinians to that of European Jews during the Holocaust saying that the Palestinians are “suffering the same thing and worse. . .”  “TUT is way better than Mantiq al-Tayr though.”

And I guess that pretty much says it all.

On the Searching for al-Khidr site I don’t really plan to do much in the way of posting videos.  But if you’ve read this far you deserve to be rewarded.

And below is Clare Daly speaking her mind.

Can you sing “Happy Birthday ADL”?

Mark Glenn probably thinks he’s related to her too. 🙂

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19 Responses to Mark Glenn Exposed

  1. HAHAHAHAA. Good one.

    Sad thing is, there will be assholes in this movement who won’t get it as a joke.

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  3. Ingrid B says:

    He couldn`t have a better drinking buddy..

  4. says:

    I loved it,. Whoever thought of this was a genius. We all need a few laughs.

  5. skulzstudios says:

    Dang it MT, you flew directly over the homestead and didn’t even bother to drop in. What is up with that? I knew Mark Glenn. Once. We’s neighbors for heck’s sake and then Glenn got all self-righteous about my using f-words and stuff like that there. Would not never ever so much as acknowledge my existence. Of course, Glenn is one pretty dang important Idaho spud. Yup. Did you know that Dankof is a “holy man?” Well that is true. You just ask him and he’ll maybe let you in on the secret. You see, that must be a “secret” as Dankof is so “holy” his shit don’t stink.
    Dang it MT, you flew right over the homestead and didn’t even drop in.
    Jeepers, I sound like I had my cheerios crapped on. Problem is, I’m growing weary of self-important pretentious fuckers and I don’t mind saying so. Not one damn bit.
    peace and respect,
    don nash
    formerly aka
    Skulz Fontaine
    formerly of
    BF, Idaho/Washington

  6. ladybat2 says:

    No you still have it all wrong. See, Mark is really a grey alien in disguise. A tall menacing antisemitic extra terrestrial giant black eyed savior. Sent here to expose the dirty low down Khazars. His people have a formula they drink that temporarily transforms their bodies into human form. Works like Poly Juice worked for Harry Potter. In fact JK Rowling got the idea about Poly Juice from a Gray when it visited her once while she was asleep.

    Keep a close watch on Mark and occasionally you’ll see him have what appears to be great bouts of painful gas. This is one of the side effects of the poly juice as it wears off and his body begins to shift back into its true gray alien form. This is a dead give a way of who he really is but it can be tricky because there are times when it really is nothing but gas from eating to much earth food. All that Monsanto. Effects the Grays even worse than it effects us. So if you happen to be unfortunate enough to be in the same room with him when these “gas” attacks happen, do not, I REPEAT, do not panic and start taking cell phone photos of him hoping to catch him transforming back to his true gray form. He might just be passing Monsanto gas and if that is the case he’ll be on to you and will be aware that you are suspicious of his true identity. And we can’t have that happen because he has been sent here to save us.

    The Khazars were an experiment gone bad. They were creatures the gray aliens had collected for studying while on another planet. A planet called….”God’s Chosen Planet”. They claimed that the maker of the whole universe visited them and told them that he made the universe especially for them and them alone. And every thing else in the universe was here for their personal use to do with as they pleased because they and only they are his personal favorite beings. He just loved their little kosher asses to pieces.

    Well, when you live on a planet where you and every one else who lives there are the favorite of the creator of the whole universe its pretty nice for a while but later it starts to get a bit boring because you are really equal to your peers. No one is below you or above you in station. Because you and all your fellow “God’s Chosians” have nothing and no one to compete with. So, to say the least, things were getting so very dull on the planet of the “Chosen”. But then one day the Grays paid them a visit. They had been watching the “Chosians” for some time. Longer than you would even imagine. In fact it was a Gray who had originally told them in the first place they were the favorite of the creator of the universe. He had, of course, took a huge swig of his poly juice potion and changed his body into what the Chosians would imagine the great Creator would look like and he, while trying to keep a straight face, told them this big giant line of Gray Alien bull sh.t that the whole universe was their personal oyster. Of course they believed it. That was the beginning of the whole problem. It started as a teenage gray alien prank. Some of his other teenage gray alien friends had dared him to do it. So he did it. Then they dared him to take a bunch of these “Chosians” and put them on another planet to see what would happen if you mix a species with a giant ego problem with a different species that also has a huge ego problem. Which one would would destroy the other first? He searched through his giant alien planet data base and found the perfect people and the perfect planet. EARTH!

    So he gathers a bunch of the, more than willing, very bored Chosians, took them aboard his mighty gray alien space craft and dropped them off on earth. Around the area we now call Russia. They eventually began calling their landing place “Khazaria”. He guided them for a bit. Told them what they needed to do to get a foot hold and a bit of an advantage and left them to their own vices while he and is gray alien teenage friends sat back and watched for laughs.

    For hundreds of years after that these Chosians have been the biggest pain in the ass the Humans of Earth have ever had to deal with. No matter how many times the humans tried to show these Chosians, who after that, were known to the humans as the Khazars, that the earth and the universe is not their oyster, the Chosians/Khazars simply choose to keep believing the total bull s..t gray teenage alien prank story because they like that story much better.

    So that is why dear Mark has been sent here. And there are other Grays in disguise here too. They answer to Mark. He is their commander.

    You see the Grays are very sorry this all came about. They are here to try and help us fix the mess their teens left. Its just not a fix that can happen over night. In fact it might not be a fix that can happen at all now since the Chosians have managed to get in their personal possession the most power weapons on earth. Ooops.

    By the time the parents of the Gray alien teens had found out what their kids had done to many events on earth had happened and the Chosians had already reeked to much havoc on the earth people.

    The Grays are very close to giving up. After all they have that Stark Trek “prime directive” rule about not getting directly involved with the natural evolution of planets. Even though it was their spoiled brat teenage Alien kids that up set that natural evolution in the first place!

    And Mark knows that. And that is why he refuses to give up.

    And that is why Mark is my very favorite Gray Alien. And I stand by him in all he tries to do to save man kind.

    The End

  7. ladybat2 says:

    A Gray Alien Video made by Ladybat2
    Eminence Front-The Who

  8. NLG says:

    Yes, Mr. Dankoff speaks in all caps. I like how he b1tch-slapped that fool with his NRA membership card when the guy tried to ad hom him as a “lefty.”

  9. Hilarious! It is rumored that Jewish ladies tell their children: Behave yourself otherwise MG will get you. What a bad guy [goy]! Or as they say, he is “less bad.!”
    But seriously, he is better than all that has been said about him in these comments above.

  10. annebeck58 says:

    That’s HILARIOUS!

    And, so spot-on!

  11. bigcree1 says:

    YEAH!!!! Go git ’em cousin Mark! Heheheh! Uh actually he’s my brother from another mother. We’re from the Bad boy Goy Clan! = )

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  13. Sami says:

    Thank you, MT for this exposé. Mark is the real McCoy.

  14. Noor says:

    Well, it is about time someone got the truth out about that Mantiq-al-Tayr guy! Ever since his last blog closed I wondered where to find him. Now I know, after all, he is funnier than… er… uhm…. well his site is better than TUT.

    You did capture each of our fellahs perfectly btw. Your ‘Ziah was so bang on … and Mike… and Mark. And, I am sure his kids.

    Lordie I have not laughed so hard in a very long time. Thanks a load…. Mark needed this laugh more than anyone I know. Those greys do need … Lebanese grey?…. anyhow they do need to participate in that increasingly rare human activity, laughter.

    As for Lady Bat…. she proves we are all crazier than …. bats under the coming supermoon…. and it is allll good. Beautifully written, Milady.

  15. ladybat2 says:

    Thank you dear Noor. Live long and prosper. May the force be ever with you. And may you always be able to phone home.
    Peace and blessings


    I don’t understand why do we allow jews such as (morris,kapner) and arabs to be the oracle of truth when it comes to dealing with the jewish problem.These people all have an agenda,take a look at kapner saying that jews can be saved and there is plenty of good jews,then you got the arab midget telling us that we should open the flood gates and these low iq third worlders will become allies against the jew.ahhhhahahaahahahahaahahhaah I say fuck them both

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  18. still waiting for a polaroid of a dallas cowboy at the Alamo…
    no dallas cowboys at the Alamo…No “Jews” in the Old Testamant….!
    “JEWS” oooooze from the Talmud !!
    Ipso Facto “Jews” are not only not Israelites, “They” are not Israel, either,
    hell they’re not even Semitic…
    there does seem to be a real rectal orifice problem in the JEWSA….

    real assholes are “Jewish”….by “religion”….
    it’s what “they” do ’cause the braindeadgoy are so full of shit.

  19. bindeadawhile says:

    hahaha you still got it!

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