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Zionist Area C Belongs to the Jewish State

Here is Area C accorking to Wikitalmudia: “Area C (full Israeli civil and security control, except over Palestinian civilians): circa 72% (first phase, 1995).[1][2] In 2011: 61%.[3][4] These areas include all Israeli settlements (cities, towns, and villages), nearby land, most … Continue reading

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Asshole Transplant

Whose organs? “The organs allegedly were removed both in Israel and Costa Rica, but Israeli hospitals strictly control organ transplants.” Maybe if Eric Cantor needs an  asshole transplant he can get one through the Israeli donor networks.    

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Mark Glenn Exposed

As you may have heard, Mark Glenn, the host of The Ugly Truth, has been criticized in some circles lately for, well for basically having quite the sun tan. Seems that Mark just isn’t white enough. Well, we sent the … Continue reading

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