2 Good Blogs and a Really Bad Book

I have been meaning to put up a short post recommending two blogs to which I used to link – but in this simpler blog I’m not putting up links, at least for now.

One is Kenny’s Sideshow, which is one of the best alternative regular-guy written blogs out there.  The other is Xymphora, the Canadian mystery person.

The two blogs are quite different in style, but are must reads as far as I’m concerned.

At the other end of the spectrum is a complete piece of garbage, an ignorant Islamophobic  asshole who has “authored” an incoherent bumbling and just plain full-of shit book about  how Islam totally and completely sucks.  The author, who clearly does not know a word of Arabic but pretends that he understands the classical sources, which he does not, makes mistake after mistake in the introduction to the book starting with the very first sentence:

“Arguably the most authoritative book in Islam, the Sirah, is the biography of Muhammad.”

More authoritative than the Quran? Really?  And it just gets worse and worse from there.

The “author” is also a complete phony who does does not quote from the original sources he claims to cite, rather he quotes from well-known blow hard and Islamophobe who misquotes and distorts the original sources and these misquotes appear sometimes verbatim in the “author’s” citations.

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