Turnips Fertilized With Zionist Bullshit

US Embassy Employees Picking Turnips for Poor Israelis

US Embassy Employees Picking Turnips for Poor Israelis

Get ready for a another surge in Israeli murders of Palestinians.


Keep up this shit and some people might start thinking that American Jews care more about Israel than anything else. I know that would be hard to imagine, but giving awards to people and organizations dedicated solely to getting Jews to move permanently to Israel isn’t something that US taxpayers should be subsidizing.

So this New York Jew goes to Israel and becomes an Israeli. He sets up a food bank to feed poor Israelis (no doubt most or all of them Jews – hard to tell from the website. The Wiki page notes that at least at one point they employed “20 Arab women”) Now Israeli’s Ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, has US embassy employees “volunteering” to pick turnips for the food bank to be distributed to poor Israelis. Shapiro then brags about this on his Zuckerbook Page. Shapiro’s page is also good to read because he inadvertently outs US congressmen and senators who visit Israel.

Oh, and of course, Gitler’s food bank is a tax-deductible charity in the US (and elsewhere – the usual suspects).

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One Response to Turnips Fertilized With Zionist Bullshit

  1. skulzstudios says:

    Pickin’ turnips on Amerikan taxpayer’s dime? Say, that’d leave these idiots “migrant workers.” I don’t see Danny ‘boy’ Shapiro picking turnips.

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