Eretz Congress

Piece of shit

“I’m a piece of Zionist war-mongering shit.”

(Wow. We here at Searching for al-Khidr couldn’t have said it better ourselves, but we digress.)

My search for al-Khidr hasn’t been going so well lately. Like truth in the M$M, he’s very hard to find. But in our journey we did manage to step into some real zionist bullshit.

Here goes.

As soon as Congre$$ goes on vacation a bunch of these whores go straight to Israel. Interestingly, it’s not real easy to find out all the names of those who go on any particular trip. Usually one or two get the credit – in this case Ed Royce and Elliot Engel – but you can’t find out who the others are without taking some time. What are they afraid of?

So here is Ed Royce (Habayit HaYahudi, CA), swearing allegiance to Israel:

“America and Israel share the same values, both seek peace and prosperity, and are faced by the same threats.  We are in this together. As Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, I am committed to working with our ally, in one of the world’s most dangerous regions, to meet our present and future challenges.  

Fuck you Ed. We are not in anything together. As far as I am concerned you have joined the other side.

Sometimes you win. Not often. But sometimes.

“A former manager at an Iowa kosher slaughterhouse is set to appear in federal court after being extradited from Israel.”

I would just like to take a moment to say that Sen. Mark Kirk (Shas Party, IL) is a complete piece of shit. Want to know why? Google his name and Israel and Iran.  Then google his name and the name Dodie McCracken.

Mark Kirk, I’m sorry, I meant Ed Royce, they both look alike to me,  loves David Horowitz who once wrote:

“The Palestinians are Nazis. Every one of their elected officials are terrorists.”

(It’s in wiki go look it up.)

Now in the old blog I used to put up video links. As I transition into this one I won’t be doing that very much. This blog is supposed to be simpler, more to the point, less time consuming and whatever. But I still enjoy making folks laugh, cry, and puke. This one is a puker. Ed Royce on what a wonderful man David Horowitz is.

Oh, and there will be fewer digressions. But I digress.

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2 Responses to Eretz Congress

  1. skulzstudios says:

    Did you know that IF you go to google image and toggle in david horowitz, on the second row towards the far right side, horo is paired with the coultergeist. Ironic pairing being that, the coultergeist is covering her book ‘i am a traitor’. her words of course. might be a photoshopped gag but, it is ironic if not hysterically funny.
    One of these days old horo is going to flame-on and stroke out. that throbbing vein the freak gets in the center of his forehead will explode. will be messy no doubt but, i think i’d pay money just to see that.

  2. MG says:

    Thank GAWD yer back…

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