O’Malley Supports Israeli Apartheid (Just Like Everybody Else)

Palsestinian Bird

“O’Malley says I’m in “the peace cage”.

Remember the Octopus? (If you don’t look it up.) Well Maryland governor Martin O’Malley clearly doesn’t. He’s making deals with Israel regarding “cyber security”. You’ve got to be fucking kidding. Oh, and maybe since finding organ donors is another Israeli national pass time he’s also going to help them with “life sciences.”


In the mean time, he has to deal with the “inmates are fucking the prison guards” scandal that shows how utterly out of control things are getting under his “watch”.


Oh, did I mention that Martin O’Malley was just now in Israel licking their boots?

“The TASE is Israel’s only stock exchange in which over 600 cooperation’s trade publicly and therefore plays a very crucial role in the Israeli economy. That’s why when the governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, was invited to open the trading day he immediately said yes.”

Watch this video and puke. Puke I say.

Let’s give him credit here. He didn’t actually suck dick. He was just a coward. That is an improvement for an American politician. Especially on his third trip to Israel in order to get kosher branding for his American (and I use that term loosely) presidential campaign.


Oh, and let’s not forget this great comment the coward made regarding Israel’s apartheid wall.

“A reporter pointed out that on his way into Bethlehem, he would see the controversial separation barrier Israel has erected in the West Bank. Mr. O’Malley said he had seen something similar in Northern Ireland. “They call it the peace wall,” he noted.”


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2 Responses to O’Malley Supports Israeli Apartheid (Just Like Everybody Else)

  1. skulzstudios says:

    “Peace wall?” WTF?!? When did “peace” break out in Northern Ireland? Northern Ireland is still under British occupation is it not? Maybe not so overt as Palestine. Maybe O’Malley is ‘loyalist’.

  2. bindeadawhile says:

    Oh skulz, shame on you. Dont you know about the peace wall that was between east and west germany? That was taken down in the 90s? Now cant you see murder and mayhem and blood on the dance floor? That peace wall.

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