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Coming Soon to An Interrogation Near You

Something is very wrong here.  And for the sake of argument, let’s accept that Todashev was involved in the murder of those three people.  What kind of police work is this? You have FBI dudes, State Police dudes, and local … Continue reading

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2 Good Blogs and a Really Bad Book

I have been meaning to put up a short post recommending two blogs to which I used to link – but in this simpler blog I’m not putting up links, at least for now. One is Kenny’s Sideshow, which is … Continue reading

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Turnips Fertilized With Zionist Bullshit

Get ready for a another surge in Israeli murders of Palestinians. Keep up this shit and some people might start thinking that American Jews care more about Israel than anything else. I know that would be hard to imagine, … Continue reading

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Bullshit and Israeli Bullets

The following headline is bullshit. “Link Between Islam And Violence Rejected By Many Americans After Boston Bombings: Pew Survey” Go look at the stats the author lists. Sure lots of Americans haven’t fallen for the Zionist bullshit, but look at … Continue reading

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A Dick and a Prick

Everything that is wrong with America’s understanding of the world has been inadvertently captured by this clueless moron. “A young man with upward mobility and digital-age skills shouldn’t be carrying money to al-Qaida operatives in Pakistan and Thailand so they … Continue reading

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Eretz Congress

” “I’m a piece of Zionist war-mongering shit.” (Wow. We here at Searching for al-Khidr couldn’t have said it better ourselves, but we digress.) My search for al-Khidr hasn’t been going so well lately. Like truth in the M$M, he’s … Continue reading

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O’Malley Supports Israeli Apartheid (Just Like Everybody Else)

“O’Malley says I’m in “the peace cage”. Remember the Octopus? (If you don’t look it up.) Well Maryland governor Martin O’Malley clearly doesn’t. He’s making deals with Israel regarding “cyber security”. You’ve got to be fucking kidding. Oh, and maybe … Continue reading

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