The Exorcist Muslim Terrorist Armenian – Oh Never Mind

1. I’m confused. So the FBI has been following Muslims all over the country for years and years and setting up bogus stings of low-IQ or even possible retarded Muslims incapable of doing any harm without the aid of, well of the FBI. But then the FBI gets a lead on a possible actual extremist of Chechen origins and does nothing about it? If Tamerlan had been an Arab Muslim, they’d have been all over him.

2. Please be on the alert from now on for pot-smoking Muslims involved in shady car repair deals. Both characteristics are a dead giveaway that they are patsies – terrorists.

3. What is weirder, that Ruslan married the daughter of a prominent CIA official or that the official named his daughter after one of his CIA station postings?

4.  As you probably know by now, “Misha” lives in Rhode Island and is a fat exorcist. Turns out he is unlikely to be the guy. On the other hand, I wonder who he was working for?

5. Blame Canada! (It works and it is fun.)

6. I believe that the Tsarnaev brothers provided the Assad regime with the chemical weapons used in Syria that we’ve learned about as a result of the very reliable Israeli, British and French intelligence services. They were also involved in helping North Korea obtain nuclear weapons and probably worked for Deutschke’s martial arts studio.

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One Response to The Exorcist Muslim Terrorist Armenian – Oh Never Mind

  1. bindeadawhile says:

    haha, oh yes and they gave Psy those tight shoes. Dont fuggid about that. Im lying at home sick and was think of you, decided to searc the net, came up with a twitter add and saw your new blog. Congratulations on it, heres to it being a pole in ‘their’ eye.

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